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November 19, 2012

Friday 16th November

Half hour after I said it was a quiet day for parking nutters one turned up and parked on the pavement outside my house. Didn’t totally block the road but just enough to prevent any large vehicle like a fire engine getting down the road. fortunately there was not fire that day!!

Weekends are great for parking managed to park outside the house all day on Saturday.

Sunday was a beautiful day weather wise so we decided to zip down to the cost and do a spot of landscape photography. Got down to Budleigh Salterton by 10.30 and as I had hoped the low sun gave perfect lighting. Sea was flat calm it made a pleasant change from Taunton. Pity the East Devon Council find it necessary to charge for parking even on a Sunday in  winter.

Came back through Taunton just after midday and surprise the roads were grid locked. Had forgotten that it was the day for the Christmas market and putting on the lights. took us 40 minutes to get across town. Dozens of motorists were queuing for the car parks and blocking the roads in all directions. Bet you 5 bob the park and ride was closed!!

Can’t believe how little planning goes on for this type of event, it can only make people think twice about coming into town next time.


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