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November 20, 2012

Parking was not a problem yesterday (Monday) so got on with other jobs oh! and wrote a letter to the local papers letter page. I made a point about the Firepoor area. Might as well copy it here as talk about it!!

During the time that Taunton planners have been talking (ten years) exeter has rebuilt the whole town centre with a superb shopping area. Bristol has built Cabot Circus and developed various other projects making it the place to visit and shop.
The wasteland that is Firepool is a complete eyesore and from what is being said will be for years to come. We don’t need another supermarket causing yet more small shops to close down.
What if it is tarmaced over and made into a superb FREE car park??
How about the planners build a market!! What about a cattle market with  indoor and outdoor stalls and shops for dozens to enjoy the market atmosphere of our County Town!!
finally I suggest it is left as a wasteland, a monument to the folly of our town planners.


(Not suree if they will publish it!!)


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