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November 26, 2012

Amazing advancements made in our postal service!!

(Today’s “grumpy old man” mumblings) 

For something like 150 years the humble postman has been a happy chap or lady cycling or pushing their bicycles around the countryside and towns. No pollution, no fumes just honest muscle power. Did you notice that all the bicycles have disappeared??

The powers that be have deemed it a “health and Safety” issue and changed the mode of transport to! you guessed it, Little red diesel vans. Not electric mind you!! Not only that, where there were one postman to deliver in our area there are now two in the van of course.

Well because of the parking problems in Musgrove and Galmington the new postman/women have to park on the double yellow lines (not recommended ) or park half a mile away from where the can load up a trolley and cart the mail back to where they want to deliver. Now that is progress for you!! In addition to this progress where the post was delivered between nine and ten every morning it now arrives between one pm and four pm sometimes not at all!!  assume this is dependant on how far away they have to park…………………..


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