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December 7, 2012

Remploy– what an amazing idea – instead of paying the disabled benefit to stay at home give them a job in a factory where they can be gainfully employed. They will pay their taxes and have money in  pocket to spend, (most of which goes back to treasury in taxes anyway).

So one problem!  The factory is not making a profit of not a huge profit. The government should be forward looking and seen to be making an effort to help the disabled lead a normal life. I had hoped that the “Thatcher” mentality of intolerance and greed  had run its course but it would appear not!

Surely better to have people working on benefit than sitting at home on benefit!

Logic would suggest that the loss should be considered as another way of paying the benefit. At the end of the day the financial cost to the country would be the same but the benefit to so many disabled people is priceless.

In this current climate not everything should be run on a profit making basis. In a caring society some things have to be treated as a service and not expect to make a return.

Shame on this government!!

As a Lib Dem supporter I feel ashamed to be associated with the party over this matter, why did they not stand up and fight the cuts?


John H Wooler


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