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February 6, 2013

Wednesday 6th January and another bitterly cold wind but have to say the sun is shinning which is always puts a positive slant on the day.

I had an issue with the post delivery service a while ago as they went from daily deliveries of about 10am by a postman with a bicycle to anytime between 1am and 4pm by two postmen in a van who could invariably not find anywhere to park and had to use a trolley to lug all the junk mail to our doors.

Well this week the loss of a letter got me thinking. Since Christmas we have had 3 packages and a letter go missing!! Where are they no one certainly no one at the mail service knows where they are. Items like  a couple of Christmas presents we got refunds for but just disappeared. The letter was a problem because it was regarding an important tax issue. The pages were not of any value but the contents were important hence our decision to sent it by recorded delivery from the post office.

This letter would go from Taunton to Bideford, about 50 miles ways, two weeks passed by and no sign of the letter at the far end.

Rang the customer services and finally after half an hour got through to a customer service adviser who informed me that there was no way of tracking my letter. I asked why then did I pay an extra 96p for the service and the lady told me that that was so that I had proof of it being delivered. I said it had not been delivered so she said that as it had not been delivered I could put in a claim for compensation. As I understand it as it was a letter of no intrinsic value I could get 6 x 1st class stamps in compensation.

All very well but the question still remains where is my letter and where are the packages that did not arrive. If the service to me (one family) is the norm then one could say that in our street of 50 houses that would equate to 200 packages and letters going astray! In the town of 100,000 people that would be 2,000,000 items of post getting lost.

Now I am not suggesting that this is the case but I don’t feel I can trust the Royal Mail with my post ever again, just in case!!


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