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February 11, 2013

Can’t believe it is still raining! I have to say it is getting a bit wearing now. I won’t complain if we have a long dry spell honest!

Had my letter published in the Som County Gazette on Thursday, wonder if I will get any reaction?

Have copied it below just in case anyone reads this.


In this time of cutbacks and restrictions on spending it gives us time to reflect on what could be done that would put Taunton on the map as it were without spending a lot of money A recent trip to Cardiff set me thinking. Cardiff planners set out some time ago to make the town pedestrian friendly and made the bold move to pedestrianize the whole of the town centre. This happened and turned out to be a spectacular success. Shoppers come from far and wide to enjoy the shopping experience. No traffic, wide street to walk along, cafés and shops spread out onto the road with street vendors and performing artists getting in on the act.

I believe Taunton could follow this example; we have good roads to the north and south and with the new bridge and other road plans soon to be implemented there are no logical reason for traffic to come through the town centre. From the market building to Debenhams and all of East Street could be closed to traffic as well as James Street to the swimming pool. Just think of it being able to wander around the shops without dodging the traffic. Sit outside the cafes without traffic fumes and congestion. All this achieved without any significant outlay. All that is required is some bold and forward seeing individuals to get together to make it happen. Do these people exist?

 I wonder!!


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