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February 20, 2013

Well another week gone by and would you believe it not a drop of rain in all that time. Just a thought how long do we go without rain before there is a water shortage??

Have been enjoying the sunshine but still a bit too cold for me to get out in the garden. I managed to repair the greenhouse window and fill the bird feeder, that’s about it really. Julie and I went for a long walk yesterday afternoon the sky was blue and the the wind, although from the east, was quite light so didn’t feel to bad. We walked back through Longrun Meadow and heard a Great Spotted Woodpecker I managed to spot it in a tree by the river. Amazing thing is I remembered to take my camera with my tele lens. Managed to get a couple of pictures but this bird sits high in the trees and is very shy. We walked further along the river bank and Julie said “can you hear that”. I listened and would you believe it there was another woodpecker! Ten years without seeing one and then two in five minutes. That’s life I suppose. Also managed a picture of a Great Tit and some snowdrops as well as early catkins. Successful afternoon as a photographer.

Didn’t have a lot to moan about but should mention the twat who let his dog dump outside my house without picking it up, so disgusting. I have him on CCTV though and will be keeping an eye on him. Also not happy about the state of Musgrove Road. Household rubbish along most of the pavements. Who don’t the residents pick it up after all they have to live here. Had to smile as the road sweeping truck came along before the refuse men and tried to sweep the street as there are cars parked everywhere the driver went slowly down the middle of the road and slowly back up again what a waste of time and money!!


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