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March 19, 2013

I never thought I would ever get into this “blog” thing. Although I am well up with the latest technology I could never see the point in setting my,  what in effect is a personal diary onto the internet for anyone to see. I can to some extent to see why famous or wannabe famous people should do it. A good way to put about your inane and largely ego inflated view of the days events, but for someone like me it did not seem logical because I suspect no one but me will ever look at it.

I have changed my mind and now I can see a use for the “blog” I can write what I want “within reason” about anything and get it of my chest. If noone reads it, not a problem at least I have the satisfaction of seeing it in print.

Big problem though I never seem to have time to get what I would like to say written. I should be writing my second book but when is there any  time. As a retired person I would expect to have lots of free time but that is not the case at all. Take today for instance.

Up at 6am to let the chickens out and feed them. Feed the dog make a cup of tea, watch the news, for what it is worth, did you notice that the BBC breakfast programe has the absolute minimum of news!! well I button over to France24 where there is great news coverage from around the world.

I digress, got up showered and breakfast 9.30am. drove over to Chaplins store to get a coulple of items for the garden. 10%  discount for pensioners on Tuesday.

back home, took a couple of pictures of the diabolical parking in our street for my library of diabolical parking and had a potter in the garden. lots to do outside and when the weather is dry have to get out there and get on with it. Oh yes supposed to be writting, well will start later!

11.30 time for a coffee break.

No excuse now have to start writing, agh have to do the blog first. so mid day and not a word of my book written. Not to worry the day is young, did I tell Roy that I would meet him for a pint at lunchtime. umm better go down the pub just in case. Book! what book?

I’m retired I can do it tomorrow!!


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