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March 29, 2013

Good friday

Such a busy week last Saturday Julie and I went to Bude to set up my photographic exhibition in the Bude Castle museum. I have been planning it for months and it has taken a long while to get all the pictures printed as I wanted and framed must have spent almost £500 on them. No real reason for having the exhibition really except to put my work on public display. Might sell a few but my experience with photography has been that it is better to keep it as a hobby than to expect much back in financial terms.

We stayed the light with Lesley who has put some of her watercolour paintings in the gallery with my pictures. got back Sunday afternoon and had to start thinking about putting together the two wardrobes and chest of drawers that arrived over the weekend. Quite a daunting task as the boxes are really heavy.

Tuesday had another day of parking madness.  hospital contractors parked their van on the pavement outside our house making it impossible for the recycling lorry to get through. It came along but went off again when the driver saw the obstruction. I rang the police much against my earlier decision. I had promised myself not to get stressed about the parking but as the refuse could not be collected thought I would try. No one turned up so rang them again two hours later. The operator told me that they has sent a car around and the man could not see any obstruction except a van on the pavement (is that not an offence these days??) anyway they could get a police car through the gap so that was all they worried about. The fact that the recyling vehicle is twice the width of the car did not occur to them. So the resurt of calling them was the same as usual waste of time!!

Weather dry and cold bit of sunshine on Thursday which was great except for the icy East wind. 

Lazy day today Julie and the girls have gone down to Cornwall so I am left with the chickens, dog and cat. Looking forward to a quite evening but the cat has just come in with a mouse and chasing it around the room. It won’t last long, Oh god she has come in with another one!! time to shut her out.


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