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April 7, 2013

We took a load of old wardrobe up to the recycling centre on Wednesday and had a fright, as we swung around a bend in the narrow lane a deer leapt the high hedge into the road in front of us and with two steps it leapt over the other hedge and was gone. Good job I drive slowly around the country lanes these days.

On Friday we went down to Bude to dismantle my exhibition from the museum and returned home in the same day. Not too far but enough of a drive for me these days.

was surprised to see a road sweeping chap walking up our road as we left. Thank you to whoever passed on my comments to the council (if in fact anyone did, could have been a coincidence of course) anyway only one observation and not really a complaint. the rubbish collector did not pick up all the rubbish. Now me being a bit old fashioned would have picked it all up but then maybe people think differently these days!

The weather is slowly improving and I am still desperate to get out and start gardening. Have a load of compost dumped on the raised bed yesterday. Julie is not happy about the smell but I told her it was a good country smell she said it was xxxxxx awful!

Chickens laid 4 eggs yesterday (two each) not sure how usual this is but can’t complain they dare doing a good job. cat has started bringing in mice, mostly young ones and insists on crunching them up in the kitchen, not popular with the females in the house. I managed to get one off the the cat before she killed it but she is crafty and wont normally let me get near it. I can’t complain about her catching them because it keeps the numbers down. 


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