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Spring time blog

May 13, 2013

I had decided to write a daily blog and couldn’t maintain it so went to a weekly blog only to find that the summer fine weather and my love of being in the garden and out in the sun made even that difficult so today as it is cloudy and windy I will make a concerted effort to get writing.

Car parking in our street is just as bad as ever but most residents can’t swee and end to the situation and have given up trying.

The workers on the new Musgrove hospital bouilding are here in force having realised that if they arrive around 7am they can get parked up hve a cup of tea and start work at 8am irrespective of the fact that they have been told to park at the park and ride.

Now that the council elections are over I am sure the rush by councillors to show they are doing something about it will no longer be on the priority list and we can expect little or no action until this time before the next round of elections!!

Our adventures with the squirrel continue but now it has discovered the window our cat uses to get in and out and was running around the kitchen knoching over the plants and being a damn nucence. I managed to chase it out but it now thinks it lives here and helps itself to the chicken food and any bird feed we put out. Chickens chase it off but it is too quick for them and the cat has decided not to bother chasing it, so it is quite happy to come and go as it pleases.


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