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Time to get blogging!

June 13, 2013

ImageDo you ever get a day when you just don’t want to do anything? Well I have been having those days every day for the past couple of weeks, the lovely weather and my perchance for gardening and sitting in the garden watching the grass grow did not help. Of course you will have seen through my comment as an excuse for not writing a blog for two weeks and just as usual you would be right.

I have two books that I have started writing and dozens of photographs to edit and sort out but for two weeks nothing! That is until today. Big decision day I plan to set myself goals and stick to them but all the same I am retired and deep down enjoying being lazy! Oh! and not forgetting it is cold and I don’t want to be outside and the cricket will not start for another hour.

Do believe that the pigeons are Imagetaking over my garden this one sat around and fell asleap on the fence.

My son Matthew and his wife Maxine are back in England from their home in Tazmania, along with 6 year old Eirinn and it was great to have a day out with them. We sent to Minehead on the steam railway which was great fun. Just to see her face when I lifted her onto the engine and got a picture of her “driving” the train was worth the day out. Talking of worth it (today’s moan) it cost us £17 each adult and £8 for the child that is £76 by my reckoning and that is a lot of money for what amounts to 2 hours on the train. A lot to find for a family and I am sure there are many like me that would like to do it more often but are put off by the cost.


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