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Parking what else?

July 3, 2013

Interesting day yesterday 2nd July 2013 the recycle truck went down the road but while the men were collecting a moron from the hospital thought it okay to park outside my house and make it impossible for a large vehicle to get past. The police were called and eventually tracked him down and he returned to shift the car but not before the recycle team had been held up for almost an hour and a half. I was pleased to hear that the guy was done for parking offence and for having bold tyres. This situation is a direct result of the hospital parking policy and the councils reluctance to do anything about it. Funny that just before the election there was a great debate about the parking issue and after the election parking was off the agenda, funny that!!

Today there are at least 6 vehicles illegally parked but of course you will never see a traffic warden this far out unless they are put on the spot and the residence are fed up with ringing in about it so they don’t bother.

Last week the recycle truck was unable to collect from Belmont road which is the next street across and residents were left with bins full of food for a further week.
I went out and took a few pictures today just for the record


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