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Coming of winter

September 12, 2013

Writing this blog is very hit and miss as I can forget for several days before I get around to writing anything.

Took a trip to Neston Abbot last weekend for a reunion of ex boy soldiers of which I am one needless to say.

It was great meeting up with everyone how old everyone is getting!  very exhausting for me and pushed the ticker far enough. Julie refused to come along as she has been to one of these reunions before and promised herself never again. Lots of old men talking about their days in the army, how boring is that?

Booked a room at the Queens hotel in Newton Abbot which was £82 for one night which I thought was a lot, they do not cater for single people or have single rooms, still a lot to pay for a very austere room with a double bed and little else, well it was en-suit I suppose that counts for something and it was clean. Windows were the old sash type so let in a lot of traffic noise. First time I have ever seen a sign in a hotel that said because the room was noisy ear plugs would be provided on request!!

They charged £8 for a continental breakfast which is basically cold ham and a roll. I declined and went to the local Weatherspoons up the road and had a full English for £3.50 before getting the train home for 11 o clock. took me a couple of days to get my body back to normal though. I will have to be careful about future plans as carrying a bag for any distance is not a good idea.

I have begun to notice that the arthritis in my fingers is getting worse and I am having to type more slowly as I am making a lot of hitting the wrong key errors. Bit of a bummer when you have been such a fast typist as me for years. Still just another thing to contend with as one gets older.

Of course I have not forgotten the parking problems around where we live. The residents have just got fed up with reporting it, nothing ever gets done. Thinking of which it is a year since the councillors promised to sort things out and six years since I started to report problems with hospital staff parking in our street. Someone has parked on the pavement outside our house this morning and he has done the same thing for the past ten days but not a single visit by a police patrol or traffic warden have we seen. Don’t let it get you stressed John! ( that was me taking to myself, )come to think of it I am doing a lot of that lately!

No not true I was talking to the chickens, honest.

The water company is digging up the centre of Taunton, well supposed to be ever where is fenced off with lots of traffic lights and confusing signs but no one seems to be working, funny that same thing was being said when I was a boy!!

I am working on a few pictures to enhance my blog page but if doing that then I can’t be doing this so its one or the other, how did I ever manage to go to work full time??

Ah ha mid day time to go to the pub and pay my football, we have a local coupon running each week 60 or so people put in £2 each and half goes to the jackpot pot and half to the person having the most predictions right for the week, jackpot goes to the first person to get 16 out of 22 right. I won it last season, £370 not bad seeing as I just guess the results, not forgetting the two weeks I won the £50, can’t beet being lucky, have not won the lottery yet though!

Okay so it is a good excuse to have a pint!



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