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September 21, 2013

Had a couple of vouchers for Sainsburys store which were for this week so on Tuesday we drove across Taunton

to the superstore, Taunton is hell at the moment with numerous road works.

Never sure about Sainsburys as we always manage to overspend for some reason.

First thing we noticed were vases with sand and candles, oh no! half price only £4 each, had to have two of them.

Second thing we noticed was the cold, Sainsburys have gone in for chilling everything with open chillers resulting in a freezing cold store.  Very unpleasant and it has got to impact on the numbers through the door surely! We could not get out quick enough.

Having said that we stayed long enough to spend £85. One thing we thought we would get that would be worth the journey was bread we love fresh good quality bread. Was a bit disappointed that the sell by date on all the bread was 18th Sept which was the day we went shopping but we bought a loaf of square tin (forgot the name now)

Drinks were mostly dearer that other stores. Thatchers cider was £4.65 for 4 cans but only £3. 65 in Morrisons last week and soft drinks were twice the price of Tesco.

Anyway finally got to the cash out and used our vouchers, could not resist telling the cashier that I was frozen and it would be a long time before I came back, should not have said that to her really I expect she got a lot of earache about it.

Nearly half an hour to get home at the other side of town. Would have saved more money if we went to Morrisons or Tesco but we did get our new vases!!

We were really disappointed with the bread as it tasted of yeast and was not properly cooked. What has happened to the bread?. Not just Sainsburys, Tesco and Morrison’s bread is not as good as it used to be. The price has shot up and the quality has gone down. Wish we could get fresh bread like you can in France. Don’t think the French would put up with the rubbish we have to buy. Back to making our own from now on.


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