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September 26, 2013

Thursday 26th Sept


Thursday started off with light drizzle and developed into heavy drizzle for most of the day more reminiscent of late November!

Two people parked on the pavement outside the house but they did not stay all day so we didn’t have a chance to get the coppers to come out and slap a ticket on them!!

Today’s thinking.

I have been closely following the discussions regarding the building of “High Speed 2 ” and for the life of me I cannot see where this would be any advantage to the majority of the country’s  population. Linking cities in the north to London will no doubt be a great advantage to London but Exeter, Bristol, Wales, Scotland?? The cost, almost unimaginable, latest estimates £80 billion I would prefer to see the money, ( not anywhere near that amount) used in similar fashion as that in Germany where they have invested in the whole network ensuring quality travel for all and improving the speed and timing of the whole network.

Imagine what a difference it would make to the West Country to have a quality rail link into the countries network. frequent trains that ran on time at a good speed. I travel to London several times a year and enjoy the 2 hours and 10 minutes it takes from Taunton to London. usually travel off peak so as to avoid the crowds. I have time to read the paper, sort out my emails and messages and as I don’t have to drive I can enjoy a glass of wine as well.

I think 110 miles per hour is wholly acceptable and can’t think why I would want to go at twice that speed!. Another observation which may or may not be relevant, you don’t see the airlines looking to make the planes go faster, Concord showed them the futility of going down that route. No the airlines are engaged in improving the service, better more economic and comfort for the passengers.

Train operators should be looking at the same improvements. More carriages, better service, more trains on time and a less complicated fare structure. Grumpy old fool like me would say re nationalise the trains and plough the money at present  going to shareholders to achieve  this goal. A dream

I firmly believe that the Lib Dem MPs and supporters should be jumping on the NO to HS2 bandwagon as soon as possible if they want to stay in parliament next time around.

Time to relax and put my feet up, not bad this retirement!

Oh! and well done Somerset Cricket Team in securing their place in the first division next season!



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