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September 30, 2013

Birthday day out at the seaside

We had decided on a day at the seaside to celebrate my son’s “middle age” birthday and he had suggested we go to Teignmouth on the South Devon coast.

Julie and I were not to sure about this having seen the forecast for Saturday. Anyway off we went to the station and got our tickets £9 each with the senior railcard, not bad at all.

Unfortunately the 11.17 from York had only 4 carriages with one of the being first class which meant 3 carriages for the rest of the passengers. Who would sent a train all the way from York to Plymouth with just 3 carriages? (Cross Country)

Well as expected we had to stand all the way. I did look around and was surprised at the number of people who had put their bags on the inside seat and were sitting on the outside at least six in the one carriage in front of me. Would you not expect the ticket person or train manager to tell people to free up the seats for people who are standing. No! maybe I am being a bit naïve  to think that this would be a good idea!

We eventually arrived at Teignmouth and set off to see the sights, rain was getting harder and harder. Thundery rain was now bouncing up off the pavements. The tide was in and there was no beach to be seen. The only option was to head for the nearest pub, A elderly chap was standing holding the door open and smoking a cigarette. “goodday” said I “are you the doorman?”

“hello” said the man” “glad to see you saves me looking for you on Friday”

Strange look from me walking on into the pub. I went to the bar and man from outside appeared behind me. “Where’s yer father?” Addressing the barman. “Hes not here”.

“I just let him in the door”

me “That was me”

“Oh how did you know my name was Norman?”

“I said doorman”

(thinks is it me?)

“Pint of Fosters and a diet coke please”


We sat and talked over our situation. Maybe it would stop raining? No! it is raining harder.

Let’s find another pub with food that will make us feel better.

The next pub was quite a walk and by now a very wet bunch of holiday makers arrived and looked at the menu. £9.50 for a burger and chips! No thanks, big decision, lets go back to Exeter and get something to eat.  We had our drink and set off and trudging back to the station in the relentless rain.

We had a meal in Exeter before setting off back home.

An interesting if not to be repeated day out.

Note:- I do believe Teignmouth is a wonderful place but I doubt I will be going back any time soon!!

A memorable day for all the wrong reasons. Note to self – do not do that again!!




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