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Another Monday

October 7, 2013

Where did that week go? A week into October already

How did I ever manage to get anything done when I went to work all day!

Since I have been retired I find I am busy every waking minute and the days just fly past.

Have just booked the chimney sweep to come and do our chimney but he is already booked up

for the whole of October and had to settle for mid November. Anyway it is one of those things that has to be done.

We had a fire in the chimney a few years ago and fortunately it did not get hold and I managed to put it out, although we had to get the fire brigade out to make sure it was out.

The fireman made it clear that if they discovered the chimney had not been swept they would charge me £75 callout. I told him I had it done a couple of months ago, truth was I could not remember the last time it was cleaned anyway  I have had it swept every year since. 

If you have an open fire it is best to get it swept, saves you worrying about it catching fire and logs put a lot of soot into the chimney.

I bought a new gadget this week. Now I can copy my negatives to computer. This will take a while as I started filing negatives in the 60’s and have quite a few. Device works quite well but will have to work on the definition as some of the negs are have faded through time.

I have also been perfecting my close up work with the microscope it connects directly to the computer so I watch the screen and don’t have to look down the lens. It takes a while to get used to it but I am getting there.


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