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October 8, 2013

Interesting morning so far. Tuesday 8th October 2013

My neighbour spoke to the traffic warden at the school and tongue in cheek asked him to come up and sort the traffic in our street. To give him his due he did and was there half an hour later. I happened to be outside and watched as he walked past the car parked half on the pavement. I called out to him and asked him to sort out the car on the pavement and he said he would do except that it was not his job, it was a police matter as it was not a parking issue but one of obstruction of the footpath. Well that is what we always thought but I thought traffic wardens had the power to sort out those issues as well apparently not.

So other neighbour called the police to make a complaint that was about 8.30 this morning now almost 11.00 and still no sign of a policeman. We used to have a neighbourhood police person and I often saw him (or her) cycling around the area. You don’t see them anymore and if you do spot one they will be in a police car and you will have to run fast to catch one of them!!


My experiment with the runner beans this year was not all that successful, I had a plan to plant them in six large pots to avoid the problem of poor soil and slugs but they required vast amounts of water during the hot weather and it only took a forgetful couple of days and the damage was done. Had quite a few beans but all the lower parts of the plants had no flowers, not what I had expected. I even covered them with netting to keep out the blackfly but the little sods managed to find a way in. Not as many as previous years but enough to be annoying.

Anyway where was I, of yes this autumn I decided to change the plan and I dug a pit 8′ x 3′ and transferred all the compost from the old grass composter to the hole, I then made a raised bed a foot high from old pine boards that I had handy and today I finally got to put al the soil back into the raised bed, must have shifted 5 ton of earth over the past two weeks not bad for an old chap with a heart that only works at half power. Must admit I had to stop after every 6 shovels but I am not in any hurry and I love to be out in the open air. Always wanted to be a market gardener like my uncle Reg. now he was a character. The meanest man you could ever wish to meet!! that is a story for another day.


Just heard the news our MP Jeremy Brown has been given the boot from the home office, not surprised really, I was surprised that he ever got the job in the first place seeing as he has no experience in anything as far as I can tell. 

I still have not heard where the LibDems stand on the HS2 issue. I think that will influence how I vote next time


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