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Monday again!!

October 14, 2013

Another week where can the time be going at such a rate?

Update on the parking last week . The police did not arrive that day, the car that blocked the pavement was driven away around 4pm so if the police are not able to come in 6 hours it probably is not worth reporting!!

We have a van and two cars outside today parked 3 abreast but they will not get a ticket either. Have to forget about it and get on with our lives. On a different note my neighbour tripped over the uneven pavement on Saturday and broke her elbow. Of course she went to the hospital but they could not operate at the weekend, she had to sit around until this morning for an operation to sort it out. Don’t work weekends!! To be fair if it had been life or death I am sure they would have been able to operate, don’t want to run down our overworked hospital staff. You never know when you might need them yourself. Just one tip though if you are going to be ill or have an accident don’t do it on a Friday as you won’t get seen to until Monday, take it from one who knows!!

In the garden

I decided it was time to put the cover on the chicken house and dragged it out of the shed. Was surprised by a spider that I did not recognise so took a picture of it and looked it up on the internet. It turned out to be a False Black Widow Spider. Apparently quite common now in the UK and the increase is caused by the climate becoming warmer or so I am lead to believe. This one had a shiny black body with markings on it about 2cm with legs about the same length. I also found a common large British house spider in the wood pile about 9 cm and moved quite fast. Not scared of spiders but I don’t want them in the house and with my heart condition I think I should avoid getting bitten by any of them.

Have cut down raspberries and cleared out the greenhouse of tomato plants. Now it is time to get the logs in and all the odd bits of wood chopped up for kindling. I remember when I was a lad my father had an electrical shop and as a side income he chopped up logs and bits of wood into bundles and sold them outside his shop for 3d (three old pence a bundle)

think that would equate to about a third of 1p these days, but of course the average wage was around £5 a week then.

Sunday was a wet and miserable day the chickens sheltered best they could under the lean-to but were not happy. Certainly not a day to be outside. I watched the Grand prix which was as boring as usual with Vettal winning and Hamilton having a burst tyre (again) How come Webber never seems to win when he is supposed to have the same car as Vettal sounds like a fix to me! I am trying not to watch the Dancing programme but it is compelling viewing and I have been having a sneak peak at it. obvious who is getting the chop though!!

This morning Monday the sky was amazingly clear with Orion and Mars clearly visible, at 6 am I got my camera and tried to get a good picture but without the tripod it was never going to work , where was that dam tripod, searched everywhere, woke up the house, still no sign. Give up and hope we have another clear night soon as the night sky above us is very interesting at this time.




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