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October 15, 2013

What amazing weather for mid October. At midday it was 21 dec c and feels like the temperature might rise further.

Strange weather actually, I have a weather station in the garden and the wind indicator is not moving the air is so still, high up there is a slight haze. Taunton is under the air routes from Bristol and Birmingham and we usually get a constant stream of high aircraft with criss crossing vapour trails. None today, the aircraft are passing over but they are not leaving hardly a trace of vapour trail. Strange, it must be that the upper air is warm and dry I can’t remember the last time I saw this phenomena.

Anyway hot enough to sit in the deckchair and soak up a few UVs. A glass of wine and a snooze after lunch sounds on the cards being retired has its advantages.


I woke at 4 am and could see out the window that the sky was clear and bright with stars, I could not resist the temptation to go out and take some pictures of the night sky. Could not find the remote but I did find the tripod which meant I could gently open the shutter and leave it for several seconds. One thing to remember if you try night photography, remember where the legs of the tripod are as loud swearing in the garden  at 4am is not recommended!!. Have added the picture as the tripod tipped over.


Lot of noise outside, ah hah as I suspected the recycling truck cannot get past the car parked on the pavement. I went out and they were calling their office for advise. They were told to abandon the collection for this road. Our Councillors are so pathetic they could not make a decision to save their lives and the police are absolutely useless when it comes to traffic and parking issues. To busy keeping the office seat warm, filling in forms and  drinking coffee I suspect!!


Last year I let our one and only grape vine grow out of control it covered the fence and shop out runners about 30ft long  but I did get almost a hundred bunches of grapes, they were quite small and not very sweet. This year my boss (Julie) told me to cut it back and keep it under control so I did. No complaints about the vine but only a total of one small bunch of grapes!! What to do next year??



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