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Another day in Somerset

October 16, 2013

WEDNESDAY 16THYesterday was such an beautiful day as far as the weather is concerned, witting in the deck chair and watching the grass grow. Today 10am it is lashing with rain and just 12 deg, the wind recorder is spinning in the strong breeze. Only in England I suspect we can get 4 seasons in 24 hours.


The wet weather causes such a change in drivers behavior, have you noticed? when it is wet many drivers change their personalities, this morning I noticed sever cars stopped down the road and being nosy by nature I stood and watched. One woman in a large estate was shouting at another parked in the road. So frustrating I could not hear what was being said. the estate driver was now blocking the road and decided to move off. Nope there she was back again! This time she parked on the yellow line and I thought that was a bit odd. In the meanwhile matey in the white Audi had parked on the pavement once again outside my house. Should I call the police or not? can I be bothered? Saved, my neighbour called and said she had called the police and they were sending a constable on a bike. Sure enough he turned up half an hour later and from what I could see he has taken the details of the car and gone off. I wonder if he has gone looking for the driver at the hospital construction sight! Can only surmise that he did not find him as he came back and handed out a fixed penalty notice for obstructing the footpath. Yes! big smiles all round.

Noticed two constructors vans double parked and could not resist walking down to take a picture. That reminds me I did not add the picture of the sky at night yesterday will have to sort that out.

Anyway went and took some pictures and I noticed the estate car from earlier was parked on a drive. I see now why she was so upset, she was trying to get in her own drive and the other driver had parked across the road making it impossible for her to turn in.


I still have a row of carrots in the garden ready for me to pull them. This morning I asked Julie (wife) if she wanted any carrots and she said she preferred them from Lidl. She explained that my carrots were all odd shapes and covered in mud!!

Well can’t say I am very happy about that. lovely carrots, might be a bit odd with three roots  on some but perfectly edible and the mud washes off. It does make you think though. I spent several hours preparing the soil, sowing the seeds and looking after the plants for three months only to be told that nobody wants them. Lidl store can sell me British carrots, perfectly straight and scrubbed,  a whole kilo for 60p. Would make any gardener wonder if it is worth it or should we just grow flowers!




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