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Green with envy, not me!

October 16, 2013

Have just been watching a presentation of £50,000 to a 19 year old girl who has written a book of 800 odd pages and received a prestigious award something about the Man award, never heard of it and admit complete ignorance. I think the whole book publishing thing is awful and mostly based on who you are and who you know not on the quality of the book. Do you ever think half the books published would ever make the shops if it were not for the name of the author?

Of course I am green with envy, The research for my first novel took 15 years and another 6 years to write. How could she write so much at her age? How could she find a publisher? How could she get recognised as an author? The whole business makes you want to puke.

I even put my book on Amazon as an eBook and after two years (I have not checked) but think I have had two readers and one of them was my wife the other had the cheek to slag me off about my spelling and grammar. I took almost a year getting the spelling and grammar right. Anyway if you want to read it it is called “FOR KING AND CORNWALL”

Wife says I should spend more time writing and less watching the appalling drivers who cruse our street all day looking for a free parking space and looking for anything to do that would get me out of sitting in front of the computer.


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