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Even I can make mistakes!

October 17, 2013

Yes have to admit that the blog I wrote regarding the Mans Booker Prize yesterday was incorrect. Can’t think how I managed to get so many of the facts wrong. I thought I was reporting on what I had heard on breakfast BBC but having read the article in the “i” paper I can see that what I thought I heard could not have been the case. The lady in question whom I said was 19 was in fact 27 and that she had been published previously. So if anyone was upset by my comments apologies all round. There that is that out of the way,(still green with envy!!)


Just got back from a quick trip to the supermarket, we decided to get in early to avoid the crowds. I had been warned to have my happy head on this morning or there would be trouble!! (smile) Wish I knew how to do those little smiley faces!

First problem to get past was the school run, not having young children it is easy to forget about that event, even though some of the school teachers are on strike it could not deter the parents from driving to the school and parking all the way along the road. This one is on our route to the shops so, bite your tongue John you have your happy head on remember.

Ah what now ? looks like everyone is of the same mind and got to the shop early.  We just managed to find a parking space, sigh!

I don’t know why it is but I have queuing and I never seem to fail in finding the queue with the little old lady who is paying by cash and can’t find her purse. She also has a bag of sugar which is split and have to get the store person to go and change it. By then the other queues have disappeared. I made a comment about never wanting to get that old and got a mumbled reply something like “you already are!!”  

By the time we came out at 9.30  the traffic was queuing to get into the car park that is enough to put a smile on my face.

The sun is out and it is a very pleasant day so no reason not to smile.



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