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October 17, 2013

Thursday 17th Oct 2013

Just had a half hour in the deckchair once again the weather has been great in fact a bit too warm to sit out

although I should never say that!

temperature has reached 24.4deg c at 2pm and only a slight breeze blowing very pleasant.

This time of year I find there is very little for me to do in the garden that has not already been done. Have sorted out the raised beds for next year and composted all the old plants. I am not one for growing plants that we never use or that are so plentiful that is cheaper to buy and easier to buy them. Take potatoes for instance.  One bag of seed potatoes costs about £5 from the garden centre. I plant them and look after them six months hoping the bugs and weather will not destroy them before I can harvest them, for all that  I get about 30lb back in new potatoes if I am lucky. From the farm shop I can get a bag of Somerset potatoes, 25lb for about £4.50 delivered to the door. I know there is a sense of pride and pleasure at digging your own but as you get older you have to question the wisdom of it.

Chickens are happy rooting through all the areas I let them get at and now Molly the white Orpington is malting and pulling out all her own feathers, she has such an abundance that you can hardy notice apart from the garden is covered in feathers and she has given up laying. Chickens are so much more intelligent than you could imagine and it is great fun just to sit and observe them. Their eyesight is amazing and I watch them plucking flies from the air. Imagine trying to catch a fly with your mouth!

I have to keep the kitchen door closed most of the time as as soon as they see an opening they are in . Scoff the cat food or dog food or anything else they can find and out again. I heard a buzzard earlier and noticed they both had there heads on one side watching the sky.


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