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October 18, 2013

I thought last night was a full moon but I discovered that tonight the 18th October is the night of the full moon which coincides with an eclipse of the moon at 11pm, hopefully there will be a clear sky.

Granddaughter’s birthday as well Happy birthday Eirinn. A few years ago we had a star named after her as a present. I think that was a good idea and is one present that should endure for a few years to come!

Where was I, oh yes the moon. well thinking it was a full moon I went out at 3.30am and set up the tripod again. have got the remote sorted out and tried various different settings in an effort to get a decent exposure but the moon is not like the stars as it is very bright. Stars are dim and require a long exposure, moon is bright and needs less. Anyway to cut a long story short I have still not got it right and the cloud came across blocking out the sky so had to give up.

  Have put a 500mm lens on my Christmas list and a doubler which will get me up closer and might help. I have a few more setting to try yet. It is good to experiment with the camera and I think it is the only way you get to understand how it works properly.



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