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Change in the weather

October 21, 2013

I could not let another day pass without a mention of the weather. The most talked about subject in the country. What I find hard to understand is that our weather is not ever that bad. Look at this week in Australia! Homes burned and livestock destroyed, we have a couple of days of wind and rain and it is a disaster. Not a mention in the papers or on TV about the typhoons in the far east and the Hurricanes building in the Pacific. Best they can do is report on strong winds and on a wall falling over in Kent. I think our media is getting extremely insular and inward looking.

I wonder why we don’t have a weather station giving 24 weather news around the world, now that would be worth watching!!

One thing about the rain is that it keeps me off the garden and I have no excuse not to get on with my writing and sort out a few photographs. I joined the great slug watch with the BBC over the weekend. We have plenty of the Spanish slugs in our garden, they must taste awful as our chickens will not touch them and they normally eat everything in sight.


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