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October 27, 2013

Julie had to go to London to give a presentation at the Royal Society so I decided to go along for a day out in the big city. I remember the stories of Jan Ridd and his trip to London told to me by our teacher in junior School they were so funny I remember them today 60 years on.

Jan had never been out of his Devon village and London was like another world.

Not quite like me I have been around the world a couple of times and then some but not lately and I can play the country boy as well as anyone. So I did ” Jan Wooler went to London for the day”.

In the last few years If I had t go to London or any long journey I always went by train and usually first class but for some reason the cheap tickets booked in advance have dried up and we had to book ‘ cattle class’ at least we had booked seats and in the so called quiet carriage. Pity they don’t tell the morons with the big mouths and the i phones plugged into their ears this little bit of information!

When Julie went off to her meeting I went to St. Pauls with a plan to spend the afternoon walking along the river bank.
What a lovely day to be out and about in London, no crowds and warm enough to take an easy walk. Had to make a dash across the crossing though as the taxi drivers can see an easy target when I set off crossing. Took some good photos of the Cathedral and headed for the Millennium foot bridge.
What is that on the far bank ? Me thinks I see a watering hole. Yes the Founder’s Arms very pleasant pub with lots of good food and real ale.
£4 a pint! Just have to have a half I think.


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