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November 1, 2013

Well started off okay I woke up! that is always a good start to the day in my case anyway.

The weather has been unsettled but October in Somerset was not a bad month.

Politics – have a few things to say on that but have been told not to get too stressed out as I won’t change anything and will only get myself upset. Well I am sure there is a lot of truth in that. Closing of the last of the Remploy factories that really makes my blood boil.  The 1947 ministers who set it up to help the handicapped would be turning in their graves knowing what the toffs in government are doing today.


Since our children have grown up we have had nothing to do with Halloween and trick or treating was a no no as far as we were concerned. Children would knock the door and we would ignore them. This year we decided that we would be less uncharitable and join in. Bought sweets and masks and lights and a pumpkin which I diligently carved out and put a candle in.

No one knocked the door all evening! Not a sign of a child anywhere.

Thinking about it, my grand children are grown up the neighbours children are grown up. Hardly any children about these days in our area so no one to call  on us.

One consolation,  I have plenty of treats to stick my teeth together for the next few weeks, well the sticky eyeballs might go in the bin but I will enjoy the rest.


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