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November 4, 2013


Start of another week and it is a bit on the chilly side, so glad that I don’t have to get up and go to work. We have to go shopping though so we will be up by 8am and off to the super market before it gets busy. I don’t enjoy shopping but I can just about tolerate it if I get there before the ‘strange’ people arrive.

My wife said as I like to have a moan about everything I should have a “good moan” spot every week. I am not sure if she was having a dig at me or not but anyway good idea I said and here is todays

Todays big moan, I parked close to the pay and display box so that I did not have far to walk to get the ticket. Morrison’s have a pay £1 and stay for two hours policy which usually works fine. Got to the machine. OUT OF ORDER. Agh, had to walk to the other side of the car park to find one that works. Last week there were three out of order. What sort of business is it that can’t get the machines maintained properly?


Interesting parking this morning a police woman appeared and put tickets on two cars parked half on the pavement but she did not put a ticket on a third vehicle parked half on the pavement. maybe it was not quite so far on the pavement as the other two but surly parking on the pavement is an offence so doesn’t really matter how far you are on the pavement?? Can’t quite get my head around that one yet. Maybe someone could explain?

Not sure if I mentioned it last week but the Somerset Council who are in charge of roads, parking etc. have put double yellow lines on a stretch of a very little lane near our house. I have lived here for over ten years and never ever seen a car parked on this lane. Would block the lane completely so would not happen. So they spent money on researching this stretch of lane I assume and then spent money on having double yellow lines painted on a lane where it is not required but do nothing about the state of the roads around Galmington, where a single yellow line would make the matter so much better for everyone. I don’t know who these faceless people are but they are for sure in the wrong job. Assuming they get paid for what they do it is far too much!!



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