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November 5, 2013


That’s more like it , cold and wet, just as I remember bonfire nights when I was a boy. I had intended to have a few fireworks this year just to show that I am not a ” miserable old git” but they are so expensive I decided to be a “miserable old git” after all!!

Being retired I keep Tuesday free to do more or less whatever I want, which this time of year is not a lot. Having said that I was still up and dressed by 8.30 and over the paper shop before 9 o clock.

I am thinking of getting a new keyboard, even though I am a touch typist I still find it strange that the e,l,o,d  have rubbed off and if I look down it throws me out. have to think how many times I must have hit these keys. I bought this one about 5 years ago. So probably millions. (I digress)

Just got back from walking (dragging) the dog around the park. wind and rain in the air and dark and cold. Nothing like it, dog hates it and would rather stay at home.

Last evening I decided to light the fire just to remind myself how enjoyable it is to have an open fire. actually it was great but ended up opening the window as the temperature in the living room got over 28 deg c obviously not cold enough to warrant a  fire but it is so good to sit in front of an open fire with a couple of logs burning away.

Talking of which I have a pile of logs as the end of the garden which require cutting up and splitting. I got the workmen who took down a couple of trees to leave a load for me but I did not expect them to leave some that were almost a foot in diameter! Logs cost £70 plus for a small load and coal is now £8 a bag so open fires are getting to be a luxury item.

I am thinking of getting an electric chain saw so that I can cut them up myself. I have been quoted £80 for someone to cut them for me. Then I have to split them. I have seen a splitter on Amazon for £70 so my pile of free logs are getting to be quite expensive!! Oh of course have to get the chimney swept next week another £45.

I have a web site and I have been trying to make it more professional and look good but today it went off the air so have spent most of the morning trying to get it back online. bet a pound to a pinch of **** that it is not my fault!

I managed to transfer some more of my old negatives to PC, that is such a chore most of the pictures are not interesting  but still have to look at every one in case there is something I want to save. Lots of my previous life in Bude when I was chairman of the Heart Foundation and on the town council and when I was the Mayor. Of course several pictures of my ex who shall be nameless and have put all pictures of her on the  fire.

Bitter??  No, not now, was for a couple of years though . Stitched me up like a kipper. That is another story

Well, many years of water under the bridge now!

Just Googled my name to see what I have done to my web site and notice that the other JOHN WOOLER is stealing all the limelight. I find he has hogged all the first couple of pages and I am a much more interesting person. That is not good.

What to do about it??

Not a lot and can’t be bothered heh heh

Time for a cider and read of the paper.










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