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November 6, 2013

Have been ordered by she who must be obeyed to write an item in my blog about the good service of a supermarket. Almost always have something negative to say about supermarkets so very strange to be able to say well done to LIDL  customer services. I sent an email on LIDL official page complaining about the poor condition of one of its stores and never expected to hear anything further as is normal. Credit where credit is due, a very pleasant lady with a broad Scottish accent called me on my mobile and said that LIdl customer services always get in touch with customers for feedback and sort out problems. I was pleased to get the call and it somehow makes the company less of a faceless organisation.

Went in the store on Monday and it was almost back to normal. I believe the basic problem is that they do not employ enough staff. As they have problems with sickness and holidays.

Anyway done as I was told.


Another very dull and wet day. Heavy drizzle although it is not cold. Having said that I have had to put the heating on as Julie (wife) is working in the bedroom that doubles as her office today as she is on the final chapter of her PHD thesis and if you are sitting at the computer all day you need to keep warm.

Keep out of the way time for me as she has set herself a target of 500 words a day and that includes analysing results of her research and putting it down on paper in logical way, so no time for idle chatter, maybe get a couple of good points if I make her a cup of tea!


As you would expect not a lot of time spent in the garden today although I the CCTV camera I have to keep an eye on the chickens has gone on the blink. Not surprising with all the rain we have had.

The chickens are looking very rough as they are going through the annual moult and have stopped laying. bit of a problem when you only have two, we are having to buy eggs for the first time in about 8 months. they are off their food as well at the moment which means the wood pigeons are getting an extra feast.


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