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November 8, 2013


I can’t remember how many times lately I have said that it is raining hard and dark and miserable but this is November enough said!

I think it was one of the Roman Centurions who said “why do people want to live in this dark, wet and miserable country”? I am sure the words are not quite right but the sentiment is the same. I have lived in several hot countries around the world and I have to say he had a point but taking into account the typhoons in the pacific and far east, hurricanes in the Atlantic and America, earthquakes in Japan and various other places you have to conclude that there are some advantages in living in the UK. I remember the mosquitos in the middle east, small and nasty and the giant ones in Florida. The giant cockroaches in Cyprus and Hong Kong. Well I am sure you get the picture, anyway it will not deter me from having a moan about it!!


I have just spent the last half hour trying to get rid of an intrusive piece of crap that suddenly popped up on my machine saying PRESS HERE TO START CLEARUP Well as I have an excellent virus protective service I certainly don’t want another particular as I did not ask for it.

It is called TRUSTEER ENDPOINT PROTECTION I Googled it and it would appear  to be legit but not asked for.  it was however well established in my list of programmes. It took several attempts to get rid of it and eventually I did (I think) but now I see a message on Firefox asking for feedback on TRUSTEER! So off putting! if it were the best virus protection in existence I would not use it so it had the opposite effect on me that the pushy morons thought.


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