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November 12, 2013



Promised to be positive and no moaning today! (who said it will never happen?)

heavy rain overnight but it has turned into a very pleasant day almost like spring. Clear blue sky and a temperature of 15 deg c at 10 am which is good enough to potter in  the garden. However it is very wet so no point in trying anything do ambitious. Cleared the path around the greenhouse and tried to cut back the loganberry that has taken over the back of the greenhouse. That will take a serious bit of work as the brambles are vicious and roots are deep. Will think about it again in about 6 months time!!

Chickens are enjoying the sunshine and following me around in case I uncover some tasty bugs or worms.

Last week we noticed that our little cherry tree is in bloom. How usual is that? I bet once the cold weather comes around it will revert to normal.


I read this morning that Somerset Council are planning to get rid of rural bus services in some areas. Have to wonder why this is happening and what happened to providing a public service. I have to believe there is a better way of dealing with this issue. For a start giving everyone over 60 a bus pass! where is the logic in that? I use the bus on occasion and on Saturday I watched the people getting on board. No one paid! every person that got on had a bus pass.

People like myself who are not well off but not poor would, I am sure, be willing to pay half fare or £1 for each journey. That would generate enough income to pay for services in the countryside where there are not enough users to fill the bus. This is called a service.

How are young and old to get into town or back if there is no service. You can bet your last dollar that the councillors making the decision never use the bus!!

Why is it that everything this greedy government does have to make a profit? Thatcherism is still alive and well!



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