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Somerset in november

November 20, 2013


We left the car at home and walked into town through Longrun Meadows which is an excellent area of open fields and footpaths for public use. Pity however the area where people sit is covered in litter, you have to wonder at the mentality of the people who like to use the open area but then throw their litter on the ground. Having said that you have to consider the actions or inactions of the Town Council in keeping the bins emptied in this case not. (see picture) obviously not one days litter probably not one week. and this bin is not as bad as the one behind Tesco which is overflowing with rubbish and falling into the stream.

However on a positive note it was a pleasure to see so many stalls and businesses set out all the way through the town centre. No traffic allowed on the day. I have to confess that I would be the first to vote for a pedestrian town centre, with roads north and south there is no logical reason for any traffic to pass through the centre and it wild turn Taunton into a place people would come to shop instead of heading for Bristol and Exeter.

Just spent an hour trying to transfer pictures from my HTC phone to the PC you would think that would be so easy but no, no chance. Went online to find out how and still not clear. I knew I did not like that phone. Anyway the bottom line is I can’t get the picture onto my blog. So message to myself, must take proper camera everywhere!


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