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November 20, 2013


Have to say that today has been a lovely day as far as the weather is concerned. Crisp and dry not a lot of wind and blue sky.

I have purchased a new electric chainsaw, always worry about using one of these  as there have been so many accidents reported over the years. Have to say though I was pleasantly surprised with the power and lack of noise with this new Black and Decker saw.

After years of hand saws it is so easy on my warn out elbows just let the weight of the saw slice through logs like knife through butter. Still wary of it though don’t intend to take chances but I feel a lot more confident than using a petrol machine.

Rather chuffed with my purple sprouting, I planted a dozen plants in the raised bed and covered it in netting. They are now producing good sized heads and as they are picked they will grow more and hopefully supply us with what we want for several months.

The mild and wet weather has caused the grass to grow like mad instead of slowing down for the winter. Would have expected to leave it until March before it required a cut but as it is I decided to have a go at it. Amazing amount of grass collected almost half the compost bin full. Hope that is the last time this year anyway.




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