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November 26, 2013

and each one with its own agenda. Dog is getting so old he does not know which way is up. He gets up at 5 am and insists on howling if he is not fed. This gets the cat up who scratches at the door to be let in. and as soon as the sun is up the chickens start calling to be let out of their coop. All pleasure if you like having pets and fortunately we do, Wife and I get a huge amount of pleasure from having them around.


Today’s beef is about the poor quality of the news reporting on the BBC.  I refer to programmes like the Breakfast show which is first and formost a news reporting show ‘or is it’ droves me mad that to get any world news I have to switch over to Fance24 or Euro news channel. The Breakfast show repeats its items every half hour, great for someone who only wants to watch it for a half hour but the millions of people like me who do not have to get up early like to have up to date news reporting. What happened to the Philippines? not a mention for several days, where did all the money collected get spent. Things we want to know. Anybody hear about the volcano erupting,

What about the war in Iraq. Yes I mean the war that is still going on and forgotten by us all.

 A prosperous country governed by a murdering dictator but destroyed by us and now a living hell for millions of poor people who in my opinion would have been a lot better off under a dictator than dead or living in poverty and under the constant threat of being bombed.    Not forgetting the tens of thousands that were slaughtered and the hundreds of British and Americans neadless;ly sacrificed to satisy the ego of a mad American and a war mongering British prime minister. I truly believe he at least should be tried for war crimes.


I had intended to give parking a rest for a while but while out walking the dog this afternoon I noticed the parking around the new KEEP CLEAR signs. Would you like to try and turn a car in this area? (see picture)




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