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November 28, 2013

yes today is a most wonderful day, well to me at least.

Two years ago to the day I underwent open heart surgery and all did not go well with the upshot that I was not expected to come out of it but here I am to celebrate being alive and to celebrate I shall take my good wife Julie into town for a slap up feed. Well maybe not slap up but it is curry Thursday at Weatherspoons!! 

She is also celebrating as yesterday completed 10,000 word last chapter of her PHD thesis, only got to finish it off and tidy it up and do any corrections, (good lord will it ever end?) and then and then out into the big wide world to find a job!

In the mean time we will enjoy the day together and not look for problems.



Talking about problems, was I right in reading that the government is to sell off its student loan debts? Sell off to companies renown for there aggressive collecting techniques and bully boy tactics!!

reminds me of a story about 30 pieces of silver, or maybe I have that wrong!!

The government forced young people to go into debt to pay their way through university and now they are selling off the debt to make a few shillings. Next we will hear about the broken noses, cracking their knuckles as they descend on unsuspecting people to collect the debt!!

I does make me wonder about this government and people like Cameron who pretend to be such good fellows but when it comes down to it they are no better ….. well could ramble on a bit but better to stop there!!


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