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December 11, 2013


Suddenly Christmas is upon us. Do you remember back in September and the adverts for Christmas started to appear? We laughed and said it was months away, well the months certainly went quickly this year!


I decided that to get the logs cut up in the garden I would have to bight the bullet and buy a log splitter. Well it arrived on Monday and I have been attempting to split logs ever since. The machine I purchased is one where you put your foot on the lever and press down. It did not explain in the instructions however that you should be at least 15 stone to get enough downward pressure to cut a log. I am only nine stone these days but by holding on to a fence and bouncing on the foot peddle I have been able to cut a lot of the logs. The really big ones , well forget it! It is also quite exhausting and I have to take a rest every couple of logs.

I had what I thought was a great idea for making use of the big logs that I could not split and that was to make a garden feature, you know like that chap Hurst! Well just completed it  and I call it “WILD LIFE”  I can see elephants and giraffes in Veld of Africa.

Julie said it was a pile of logs!!

I am sure the more discerning critics of modern art will see more into it that that. no culture that’s her trouble.


We have a cretin that insists on parking outside the house and making it too narrow for the large refuse lorries and delivery vans to get through. He has been told and already had a ticket but makes no difference still to thick to worry about anyone but himself. Have to give the police a ring again but no doubt he will be long gone before they get here, if ever.

while on the subject of parking how about this for an observation!

One of these streets is a private estate with parking restrictions and one is a council estate with no restrictions.

Which is which I wonder  and I wonder why?




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