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January 17, 2014


Here we are, mid January already and have to report that it is still raining, this morning we have had a real downpour. One consolation if it continues mild and wet we will be into spring before you know it and will have missed the really cold weather that we were expecting. That said it will not be good for the garden as we need the cold to kill off a lot of the bugs and pests that will survive without it and cause us problems in the summer.

I got side tracked yesterday and did not get through writing my page so have to restart this morning. Amazing what a few hours can make with our weather. now sunny and mild very much like a spring morning with the temperature of 14d C. It is true though we have an obsession about the weather, probably because we can have all four seasons in one day!!

I had an email from our friendly Councillor telling us that the council have agreed in principal to have residents parking in our area. This is of course exactly what we told them we do not want. Most of us have a drive alongside the house so would not want to pay for another parking space. They have also informed us that the £35 per year for a permit is going up to £70 so another reason for residents to reject the idea. do you get the feeling that they are not really interested in resolving our problem. Much bigger fish to fry. Have to get the new carpets sorted and redecorate their offices and have some new computers installed by expensive IT experts who know that it will require updating again in two years time. Have to sigh! I do believe that poor Councillors are worse than having none at all. If you ran the council with one person in charge and half a dozen clerical staff it would be so efficient.


Yes still thinking about what I can do outside. My mind has been occupied with repairing the lean too roof without resorting to great expense, in the end I decided to buy a couple of sheets of corrugated plastic and do a quick repair in the hope that we wont get anymore hurricane strength winds this winter. I notice the neighbors adjoining fence has started to fall to bits so will have to keep an eye on that.

I read that Basil can be planted all year round so I have planted a pot and put it on the window sill, we will see if it grows. Yesterday I sat down for an hour and went through my box of seeds and threw out the old and made a list of all the seeds I have for the spring. Could not resist buying a couple of packets of runner bean seeds that were going for half price. Always have to check that they are not old stock though have done that in the past and found that none of them germinated.


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