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January 21, 2014

Well being Somerset and mid January you would not expect a lot and you would be right. Nothing ever happens of note and life goes on at a slow and steady pace.

Usual subject is the most talked about. Yes the weather! Today we have a sunny (some cloud) day for the second day running but it is deceptively cold the temperature gauge tells me it is 9dC but unfortunately it can’t take into account the wind chill factor which is quite significant and have to remember that the forecast is for rain for the next 4 days so back to normal then.

I have booked an apointment to see a heart consultant at the local hospital for a check up and adjust my medication but as it is nHS I will have to wait until march 7th. Julie checked online for the local private hospital and surprise surprise I can see the same consultant privately  tomorrow. Now that is a surprise, I can understand seeing someone who is not working for the NHS but to see the same chap does not sit well with me. Still money talks and I have decided to go ‘private’ on this occasion. I think it about £150 for one visit, about the same as a solicitor I suppose can’t really afford it but if my heart packs up just for the sake of saving  a few pounds I will be pissed off Well you know what I mean.

Looking forward to seeing the new I10 on Thursday as we have been invited to the launch of the now model. We bought a new i10 last year and are well pleased with it but it is a bit ‘boxey’ and the new one looks a lot better shape so will be having a think about changing it. Rather depends on finances and that depends on Julie getting a job after finishing her PHD. I do like the auto gearbox and the fact that we can get a full tank for £38 and at 60 + miles to the gallon has to be a good value.


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