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January 28, 2014

The winter storms keep rolling in bringing yet more wind and rain. The Somerset levels just a few miles from us are still under water with little sign of the Environment Agency doing anything to help. They talk a lot, make a lot of excuses but do nothing. Even had a minister down here today to look for himself. Funny how several new pumps arrived yesterday and are working by the time he arrived! Bet five pounds the situation will be the same in two months time!!

Neighbours fence finally gave way and blew over. I tried to fix it but it is too far gone. I managed to repair the lean-to roof and hope that we don’t get the really strong winds again. Nothing left to do now as a pensioner but wait for summer.


I have had many occasions to use the NHS and have always been a believer in free medical help whenever it has been required. Always a stanch supporter of the NHS system. That is until now! I recently went to my GP for a check up as I have some heart pains, breathlessness and I am still losing weight, it is odd but I feel hungry but after a couple of mouthfuls of food I have to stop, almost like the pathway to my  stomach is shut off Anyway doctor suggested that I see the heart consultant and we went through the booking system. No way to see my consultant before March 7th, that was two months away and if something is wrong I don’t feel comfortable waiting that long.

We looked on the internet at ‘going private’ and surprise surprise I could see an NHS consultant privately the next day! One doctor on the list was known to me so I arranged to see him on Friday last.

He did a check up on me and asked a lot of questions and came to the conclusion that my heart was in reasonable shape considering the number of operations I have had and in his opinion it is probably not my heart that is causing the problem and is going to arrange for investigation into my digestive organs etc. This puts me in a bit of spot really as both myself and Julie are convinced it is my heart behind all the problems and are sure this will prove to be the case in the end but how do you argue with the expert?


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