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January 31, 2014

At last we reach the end of January 2014 with  the month ending as it began with torrential rain and strong winds. The temperature is mild for an English winter but with the wind chill that cuts to the bone and makes any journey outside an unpleasant experience. I have decided to light the coal and log fire once again even though I had mental promise to myself not to light it until it was below freezing outside. With it being so set the fire is an enjoyable experience.  

It was an interesting month in some ways. I decided to give up drinking for January but did not tell anyone what I was doing except my immediate family I think that was because I was not sure that I would have the willpower to go through with it but here we are Jan 31st and not so much as a drop has passed my lips. strangely enough I have not craved a drink during the whole month but now I am looking forward to a pint of cider or a glass of  Pinot Grigio although i am sure I will not go back to drinking as much as i did. An interesting experiment because it coincide with me losing quite a lot of weight and now I am due to have a lot of test to see what else, apart from my heart,  is wrong with me.


Yesterday was a rare day of heavy cloud but no rain and gave me a chance to get out in the garden and check on the state of fences and chicken pen. Found an egg in the pen which is the first of the new year, could this be the first sign of spring? We also managed to do a weeks shopping so that we are stocked up for whatever the weather lets us in for. On our return I opened the door and having a load of shopping in my hands was not quick enough to stop the dog from darting out between my legs. He is 15 years old and suffering from dog dementia , normally he is slow and plodding but not yesterday he was like a greyhound off down the road towards the park, I managed to run a few yards after him and grab him by the neck and dragged him back. However Todd is not put off that easy he darted back past me and as I lunged at him my feet went out from under me and I fell backwards into the bramble hedge. He was off first up the road and as Julie caught up with him he changed direction and head off back towards the park. Quite funny looking back with Julie in her high boots and big coat racing down the path after him. Eventually she came back with him tightly held under her arm. Don’t know how long we will still have him but one thing is for sure he won’t be going anywhere without the lead.


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