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February 3, 2014

I decided to light the coal fire early this morning following the weather warning for strong winds and heavy rain over Somerset.

Over the last couple of days we have had torrential rain and it is all running down the sea through the Levels where it is going to add to the floods. It is difficult to understand that the Environment Agency decided not to dredge the rivers for the past twenty years, it beggars belief, surely even the thick civil servants in charge of the agency could see that eventually the water would have to go somewhere when there was no river to run away in.They bang on about the fact that dredging is not the complete answer, well I am sure everyone would agree but they have not even been doing whatever the other alternatives are! What I find surprising is that there seems to be a problem with finding 4 million pounds which the work would cost and yet we can give 35 million to the Philippines for their flood relief! I bet there will be a lot more money that somehow becomes available now that the problem has lit up the interest of the media and there might be a few votes at stake here.


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