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February 11, 2014

No intention of banging on about the floods but it is raining and very heavy at that. Strong winds as well and everything is soaked, although being a couple of hundred feet above the Somerset Levels we are not in any danger of getting flooded. We are still getting very wet.


Today is my wife Julie’s birthday and we were woken to a crash from outside the house, looked out the window and there was our recycling bin blowing down the that followed by about 50 cans and plastic bottles. It was still dark with torrential rain and gale force wind but I put on my track suit and hat and went out to gather the lot in before they became part of the rubbish tip that is the rest of the road. Bin men came soon after and left the bins out on the pavement once again a gust of wind caught the bins and sent them into the road. I was surprised to watch a chap in a van stop next to the bins, ah I thought good neighbour is going to pick them up but no he just made sure there was room to get past and drove off. Once again we went out into the rain to retrieve the bins.

It probably only happens in Britain but now two hours later the sun is out the wind has dropped and it is like a day in spring! Not to be fooled though the forecast is for yet another storm tonight as well as snow and more again on Friday for the weekend. It is a bind for people like me who are retired but it has got to be a lot worse for people who have to get to work or try and get on with their lives. Not knowing what the road situation will be from one day to the next and planning a route around the floods will be a nightmare. Being retired has its compensations but getting old is not one of them I am feeling all of my years and it is hard to believe that my 70th birthday will be here soon.  More tests and scans next week, wish I could get a pill that would make me feel like I did when I was 40 !!





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