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February 26, 2014

The evenings are really beginning to draw out now at about 2 minutes a day and it is still light around 6 pm now and by the end of February it will be getting towards 7 pm before it gets dark. Always makes me feel better when I can get out in the garden in the evening. Still too early to think about planting any seeds yet though. Today was much more like spring and I managed to repair the greenhouse without spending more money on replacement glass.

Must get into the habit of posting these blogs I tend to save the draft and then forget to post it, so here I am with a continuation of the Monday report.

We have a football sweep at the local pub so have to make my weekly visit to pay and put in my entry also gives me a chance to catch up with the local news, which is usually not a lot I might add.

Another day of sunny spells and not a lot of rain which is great, we have had three or four days where it has been sunny more than wet and today is feeling decidedly spring like even if the wind is a bit chilly.

Both chickens are laying almost every day which is a good sign and have been sorting out the seeds for planting but must resist the urge to put them in pots as March is sure to be cold even in the greenhouse. Everything I plant ed early last year was slow to germinate so not worth getting too excited for another month.


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