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The start of spring

February 28, 2014

It might not feel like it but today is officially the last day of the winter and spring starts tomorrow. Well that is the official but nature has a habit of not conforming and the forecast is for colder weather with the possibility of some snow, although I don’t believe we will see any of it as the ambient air temperature in the Vale of Taunton is way too high.

I just made a comment on Facebook that the swallows and swifts will be returning from Africa in about six weeks time and for me that is the start of summer. The nights will be much shorter and the clocks will have gone forward. looking forward to it already.Image

A reminder of last summer, the swifts have to be the most difficult of birds to film as they fly at high speed and are constantly changing direction.


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  1. Yes spring is coming and so are more uncertainties. I’m sure you are glad that you will not be getting your call up papers if the problems in the Ukraine escalate.
    Any update on your latest with the medics?

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