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March 31, 2014

Normally I find writing a pleasure and I enjoy allowing my fingers to flash across the keyboard, as a fast touch typist It has never been a chore but two weeks ago I drove over to the local garden center and on my return put the car on the drive, a bit to close to the fence and as I squeezed to get out I slammed the door with my finger inside!! The door shut fully and I had to swivel around in the confined space to open the door with my other hand, the pain was excruciating. I thought the finger was broken (and I was probably right!) but knowing that there was not a lot anyone would do about it I took a couple of pain killers and carried on as normal.

Well until I tried to type and that was never going to work. I decided to have a rest from writing until it got better and that has taken two weeks.

I had to have a full CT scan to discover why I was losing weight. The scan showed that I did not have any major problems with my main organs which was a relief but still could not discover a reason for the weight loss,  oh almost forgot the upshot of that was I  had to have an endoscopy to try and find out what was causing the weight loss, not pleasant but not as bad as I had been told it might be.

The outcome from that was that I had a slight hiatus hernia and an infection that would require penicillin, lots of it, and other drugs, still going through the course and it is not a comfortable experience, causing lots of side effects.


I have always wanted to have a plum tree in the garden but have held off because they have always been so expensive and take ages to produce plums but this weekend I had one of my rare excursions into Taunton where I found a plum tree in Pound Stretchers of all places that was at a very reasonable price. I was tempted but decided not to, had to walk back past it on the way out and thought what the hell!! went and bought it. So yesterday dug a deep hole and put compost and sand, mixed in water and planted the tree. Very pleased with myself and we will have to wait a while to see how it gets on and if the chickens will refrain from digging out the roots.

Just noticed the french lavender is not looking too good probably should have cut it back before the winter, wonder if it is too late now?

I have ordered some veg seeds online but I did not notice that they are coming from Singapore and could take up to three weeks to get here, no wonder they were so cheap! At least it has stopped me planting them too early which is what I often find myself doing.



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