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April 15, 2014

9 a.m. on Monday morning 14th of April 2014 and my weather station is telling me that it is 15.8 deg in the garden already so could be in for a long hot summers day. Have to remind ourselves that it is still spring and only hope that this spell of warm weather lasts for a few months. Not likely but it does remind me of my time in Cyprus when in April the sun shone every day and you could guarantee that it would shine every day until October or November, now that is a climate to live for!

We bought a new petrol lawn mower from Argos which arrived within two days which was good what was not so good was that it was a devil to start and took a number of hefty pulls to get it to start. This was not good for Julie as it pulled her shoulder which ached for several days.

only one thing for it and that was to send it back. I wish companies that supply goods like this would test them before sending them out. It was obvious that the mower had never been started as there was no smell of petrol when I opened the filler cap. So back t0 the electric Flymo which now having tried the petrol does not seem too bad. Argos were okay and did not argue about the return.

I am having a break from the garden as the people several doors away have decided to put a speaker in the garden and broadcast loud music of their liking which of course is not of mine. What to do about it? Go and confront them knowing that they are confrontational and not too bright or contact the council who would no doubt write a letter and cause finger pointing up and down the street.

Be brave, live with it after all they may move to a better neighborhood!!


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