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April 22, 2014

Since Last week I seem to have been really busy, when you think that I am retired and should not have a lot to do beggars belief that I could be to busy but there it is.

Did I say we bought a new lawn mower for Julie, petrol with self drive, only problem with it was it would not start so sent it back after both of us suffering pulled shoulders from trying to start the damn thing.

Weather has been great until Easter Sunday when it changed back to normal summer, cold wind showers and dull skies.

A few days ago our best chicken ‘Molly’ a large white Orpinton started to go off her food and behaving strangely, she also stopped laying so we thought she was getting broody but

transpired that she was not and she was dead when I went to let them out yesterday morning. We have no idea what was wrong with her but chickens can go downhill very quickly if they get anything wrong with them or have a bad experience.

Quite a shock to us as she was only three years old and a real character.

We have only got one left now ‘Milly’ who is showing signs of loneliness so we will have to find q replacement without delay.




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